What is the Cost of Learning to Drive?

Driving lesson prices have risen substantially in the last few years due to increased motoring costs. Car prices, service costs, fuel, and car insurance have all increased which has dramatically forced up the cost of driving lessons. The cost of driving lessons varies, but generally, you can expect to pay between […]

A Day In The Life Of A Driving Instructor

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How a driving instructor spends their day is one of the biggest intrigues for those who are considering pursuing it as a career. So we have taken two of our own instructors and given you a peek into an average day in the life of a driving instructor. It’s important to [...]

Why Should I Learn To Drive?

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Driving is a rite of passage once you hit 17. However a growing number of you are opting to not drive, or to put it off. Meaning you’re missing out on a big part of growing up and the many benefits that learning to drive can bring, such as independence, better […]

7 Awesome Gifts for Learner Drivers

Dare we utter the ‘C’ word? Yes, Christmas is approaching faster than Lewis Hamilton in an F1 car. If you know someone who is learning to drive, or planning on starting lessons in the new year, then getting them something to help them along is a great idea. We’ve put together [...]

I Failed My Driving Test – What Next?

Driving test changes

So you’ve failed your driving test, now you’re desperately searching the internet for answers as to why and what the hell you’re meant to do next. Failure is not an easy thing to deal with, but it’s important to remember it’s a learning curve which you’re most definitely not experiencing alone. […]

The Real Risks of Drink Driving

Some things go hand-in-hand with a nice cold beer, or glass of wine – festivals, Christmas, birthdays. However one thing that doesn’t go with drink is driving. The number of people seriously injured or killed as a result of drink driving is continuously on the rise. In 2016 there were 9,050 […]

How to Save 30%+ on Car Insurance for New Drivers

New drivers: 30%+ saving on car cover with black box & Pass Plus? Car insurance for young drivers, and those who have recently passed their driving test, is notorious for being extremely expensive. However a black box insurance policy teamed with a Pass Plus course can save you 30% on the […]

New Rules for Learner Drivers in 2018

Since 4th June 2018 learner drivers have been allowed to use motorways across the UK as part of their driving lessons. The change in the law is a complete turnaround from the previous rules, which prevented learner drivers entering the motorway until they had successfully passed their driving test. Now learner […]