Driving Instructor Qualifications And Requirements

Wondering what you need to become a driving instructor? There are certain things you need in order to be able to train to become a driving instructor. It’s important to be aware of the entry requirements before applying. If you are in the early stages of considering this as a career you might want to think about whether you would be well suited to the role.

Driving instructor jobs are becoming more popular because a career as an instructor has so many benefits. There are plenty of job vacancies available and you can choose the hours you work to suit your situation.

Many people enjoy the role because they find it extremely rewarding, you get a great feeling when someone you have taught passes their test. You also get to meet a wide range of people on a daily basis and help them on their journey to becoming a safe driver. It’s also a very well paid job, you can potentially earn more than £30,000 a year.

What do I need to do to become a driving instructor?

There is a lot of information available regarding driving instructor careers which can make things seem more complicated than they really are. The journey to becoming a driving instructor is very straightforward. You will need to:

1. Criminal record check

All driving instructors are required to have a criminal record check.

2. Apply to DVSA

In order to begin the process of qualifying as an instructor you will need to send your application to the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency).

3. Pass 3 ADI qualifying tests

The next stage involves taking the three ADI qualifying tests. You will need to pass the ADI part 1, 2 and 3 exams to move on to the next stage.

4. Apply for ADI badge

The final stage is to apply for your ADI badge.

Before you do any of the above you need to determine whether you have the qualifications, experience and skills needed to become a driving instructor. There are a number of reasons why you might not yet be in a position to apply. Want to find out if you have what it takes? Take our quiz below and find out whether you are ready to train to become a driving instructor.

Driving Instructor Quiz

Desirable qualities

We have outlined the standard requirements you must have above, but there are also some personal qualities that you will need. It takes a certain type of person to become a quality driving instructor. Before applying you might want to think about your personality, skills and what type of work you enjoy. Answer these questions to find out whether you might be a good fit.

Are you passionate about road safety?

A driving instructor’s number one priority should be road safety. They are responsible for the safety of themselves and the learner driver. It is crucial that you feel very strongly about road safety and have this in mind at all times.

Do you have good verbal communication skills?

You will need to be able to communicate driving instructions clearly and concisely. You will be expected to communicate effectively with your students and give instructions that they will understand. Learner drivers will be relying on your instructions to navigate them safely from A to B. Whilst you will learn how to do this as part of your ADI part 3 training, good communication is a great skill if you want to be a driving instructor.

Do you consider yourself to be a good driver?

There is no point in applying to become a driving instructor unless you consider yourself to be a good driver. You will be expected to lead by examples and pass on your driving knowledge and skills. Driving instructors should be confident in their abilities and be professional at all times.

Are you happy working with lots of different people?

When working as a driving instructor you will come across lots of different people. Everyone has slightly different needs and some people tend to respond better to specific teaching styles. You need to be prepared to change your style of teaching to get the best out of each individual student.

Can you remain calm in challenging situations?

It is crucial that you are able to remain calm in potentially stressful situations. If a challenging situation occurs you need to keep your cool and continue to give clear instructions. As a driving instructor you may experience a few tense moments and it’s important that you keep calm.

Are you good at giving constructive feedback?

Instructors need to help students to improve by giving them constructive feedback. You need to be confident enough to give helpful feedback in a professional manner.

Do you have quick reactions?

Driving instructors need to be able to react quickly. They need to be able to take action should any issues occur and take control of the car.

Are you observant?

All drivers need to be very observant, but for driving instructors this is even more important. You need to be able to spot hazards and warn learners in advance to prevent any incidents.