ADI Part 3 In-Car Video Recording Training

Once you have completed your ADI part 1 and part 2, you can move onto Part 3 of your ADI exam. This exam requires you to demonstrate your ability to teach learner drivers. In the same style as a driving test, this part of the ADI test is carried out on the road, much of your training for the ADI part 3 test will also be carried out on the road using our in-car recording systems.


The Easiest Way Yet

The in-car video recording system is a breakthrough in part two and part three of your ADI training. We will record parts of your training sessions, so you can review the session at a later date to reflect on any areas you need to improve on, this is something that has proved very helpful to all our Trainee Instructors, who have been impressed with how much easier it is to learn when reviewing the lessons at home.

Would You Remember?

When out in the car on a two hour driving instructor training lesson you will either be driving or instructing with a professional Training Officer. They will be instructing and giving you advice on all driving and teaching matters. Would you remember everything that had happened and what had been said on a two hour lesson? You don’t have to with the-in car video recording system.

Relax…Put Your Feet Up

Make a cup of tea, pop your memory card in and put your feet up to review your lesson. You can then watch the recording. You can take a break, write some notes and reflect on different points you’ve learned. You can view the recording as many times as you wish and learn at your own pace.

ADI Part 3 In-Car Recordings

To help you understand the process of our in-car recordings we have provided some examples of “on the move” instructional techniques.

Adequate Clearance

The video shows the Trainer explaining Adequate Clearance and also shows how the Trainer and Pupil are reflecting back on homework set on the 2 second rule.

Turning Left at Junctions – Major to Minor, Minor to Major

Video explanation for turning left from a major to minor and minor to major. Adapting to the road situation where there are major to and minor major left turns.

Meeting Traffic

Explanation on Meeting Traffic with the aid of a diagram as the pupil`s preferred learning style is to have an understanding before practicing on the move. It demonstrates the `active listening ` skills to enable Trainer to adapt to the pupil`s needs.

Use of Mind Maps to Explain Junctions to Turn Left

This video is an example of how Mind Maps could be used as a coaching technique. It shows how the Trainer is using a Question/Answer technique in order to put together a Mind Map to help the pupil build up a picture of how to negotiate junctions to turn left. The technique should only be used if it matches the students Learning Style.

Pedestrian Crossings

An example of an interactive explanation of Pedestrian crossings with prior agreement of pupil`s learning style.

You can see from the above videos that the in-car recordings are a useful log for training driving instructors. Not only to look back at your feedback from your training officer, but also to look at what you have covered during your training to ensure you remember all you have learnt in preparation for your ADI part 3 exam.

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I found the training to be enjoyable, relaxed and a great learning experience. H was very tolerant and an informative trainer who’s calm and consistent approach gave me confidence and the ability to take on the steep learning curve. I would recommend 4 Wheelz.’

Nigel Williams ADI


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When I joined 4 Wheelz on a trainee licence I was a bit apprehensive. But with the support I received and the excellent training they gave me, I quickly improved and passed my part 3 first time. Thank you 4 Wheelz for giving me a wonderful opportunity.’

Alan Starkey ADI