Significant delays to driving tests and licences

Students have been left increasingly frustrated by the lack of driving tests and, for those who pass, delays in receiving their driving licences.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, all driving tests were postponed with only a few going ahead for essential workers, who need to drive as part of their role.

Since driving tests have been restarted, DVSA have prioritized those who have had a test cancelled previously and offered them the opportunity to rebook. This has unfortunately meant other learners who are now ready to take a test can not do so. The average waiting time at the moment for a test is 14 weeks.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in backlogs in many areas. Those students who have had their two-year window to complete their driving test since passing their theory test elapse have now had to go back to the beginning. Furthermore, with many students waiting for tests it has meant the natural turnover has prevented new students from starting to learn.

Similarly, there has been many additional hold-ups at DVLA for students who have passed or are applying for a provisional licence. Many people have reported waiting months for their new licence to come through after passing and some over-17’s waiting for their provisional licence have had to wait six months. There has also been delays where people have had to renew and change their details on the licence.

If those backlogs have affected our existing students, then unfortunately all that we can advise is to be patient and we will ensure you are fully prepared for your tests in the meantime.

For new students who want to get their learning underway, it is important to still get in touch with us so that we can put you onto our waiting list – in some areas our local driving instructors may be able to start straight away but others may have a delay. If you give us a call on 0800 44 88 288 then our friendly team will be able to help.