Hull driving test failure serves as warning for students

The upcoming infrastructure plans for the Birmingham area could have an effect on driving students taking their practical test.

An example of this has already happened in Hull earlier this month, as reported in The Mirror. A woman failed her practical driving test for running through a temporary red light, which as you may already know, running a red light is an automatic failure.

However, after reviewing the dash cam footage, the instructor noticed the failure wasn’t completely her fault as she had spotted the light late due to contractor vans being parked in an inconsiderate way and blocking her view. This means that the woman has now had to re-book and pay for another test which she won’t be able to take until next year due to the backlog of students waiting for their driving tests since the coronavirus pandemic which has caused a delay and lack of driving tests.

This incident can serve as a warning for driving students in the Birmingham area, taking their practical tests in the near future. The new infrastructure plans will be causing roadworks along with a number of areas in the West Midlands, including, Brierley hill, Dudley, Coventry and Wednesbury.

The Tramline to Birmingham airport, HS2 and the metro line from Wednesbury to Brierley Hill are just a few examples of the new plans that could cause heavy roadworks in these areas which may have an effect on practical tests being taken.

If you’re worried or generally curious about the roadworks in your area, you can visit to find out more about roadworks taking place at the time of your test which you can share with your instructor to help get support. For instructors, the link is also useful to find out about roadworks that could affect your lessons or your pupils’ driving test.

4 Wheelz is a driving school based in the West Midlands which can help you prepare for your driving test and help support you if you are concerned about taking your test in an area that has roadworks. You can give us a call on 0333 444 1064 and our friendly team will be able to assist you.