Driving Instructor Training Testimonials

Mark O’Sullivan Coventry
"Compared to the company I started my driving instructor training with, 4 Wheelz are head and shoulders above them. I felt I left each session having achieved something and not frustrated as was my previous experience. H’s attention to detail is second to none and he left no stone unturned ensuring I went for my part 3 test fully prepared. I can thank H and all the 4 Wheelz staff for getting me to an ADI"
Dr Glen F. Roberts ADI Bromsgrove
"4 Wheelz at Dudley is a professional training establishment with experienced and dedicated staff. I found Mr H Surti to be an extremely competent instructor who delivered well structured lessons and showed flexibility in his teaching style to meet the specific needs of the student. The teaching was pitched at exactly the right level to allow learning to take place. Thanks H, your instruction is invaluable- 5 Star"
Trudy Shaw ADI Leamington Spa
"Having completed training with another organisation, I joined 4 Wheelz & it soon became apparent that the training I had received was sadly lacking. I decided to take additional training sessions with 4 Wheelz & learned more in a handful of sessions with H than I had learned in the previous year with the previous training organisation. I passed part 3 on my first attempt & have H to thank for that!"
Simon Fairburn ADI Rugby
"Firstly I would like to thank everyone at 4 Wheelz for all the help and guidance they have given me. They have always been supportive, encouraging and helpful during all the stages of my learning. The office staff are always friendly, professional and willing to help. In particular I would like to thank, firstly Steve for all his help and understanding and secondly H for his professionalism, advice and support. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of taking training to go to 4 Wheelz as they will help and encourage you through every step of the process."
Lisa Kidd ADI Walsall
"After much research into becoming a driving instructor I opted for 4 Wheelz after an initial chat with H a training officer, I found the company extremely professional and supportive. H has been a fantastic teacher and has shown patience and support throughout, always available for any worry or query. I have enjoyed training with 4 Wheelz and found all staff helpful and friendly. I look forward to working as an ADI at 4 Wheelz and would recommend them to anyone"
Michelle Archer, ADI Birmingham
I have really enjoyed the training with 4 Wheelz. H has been a pleasure to train with and has made it really enjoyable. The DVDs for each P.S.T. has been really helpful and has made it easier to learn when trying to remember everything during each lesson. H has been really flexible coming to train me at a suitable location nearer where I live. I have had previous instructor training and it hasnt been anywhere near the standard of 4 Wheelz training. Thanks to H.
Darren Banks, Wolverhampton
"Thank you to Barry & H for their excellent support in the build up to my part 3. Barry is an excellent trainer & has given excellent advice in order to pass my part 3 exam. I would recommend that any PDI visit 4Wheelz first, their training & facilities are second to none."
Carol Oldhall ADI West Bromwich
"I had ADI check test training with 4Wheelz & it was professional, friendly & personal. The training I received helped me get a better grade & also helped me to be less anxious on my test, which I had found very stressful. I would certainly recommend 4Wheelz to other ADIs searching further training they may need. Excellent!"
Douglas Noon ADI Walsall
"I think that 4 Wheelz in my opinion are a fantastic company. The staff are friendly and always willing to help, nothing seems to be too much trouble. The training I received was second to none. Mr H Surti and Jon Watton were my training instructors and I thank them for all the time and experience they passed on to me."
Faye Timmins, ADI Coseley
"After looking into other companies I am glad I was later recommended to 4 Wheelz by another instructor who had passed with them. Thanks to H, training has felt more like a hobby to me, fitting in with a job and 2 children. Yet it has been very professional and well structured."
Dawn Allen ADI West Heath
"I am so grateful to Barry my trainer for all the help & support he has given me during my training for parts 2 and 3 especially part 3 as I've found it really hard work and Barry has kept me motivated all through. I would also like to thank H for all his help & support in part 1 and with the classroom sessions."
Adrian Miller ADI Chelmsley Wood
"Thank you to H and Richard and Barry for getting me through to be an instructor. Without 4 Wheelz I dont think I would have got through it, so pick 4 wheelz and be confident of passing. I picked 4 Wheelz by reputation. I had 2 friends who went with another company they are now unemployed so pick the best and get the best"
David Packer ADI Coventry
"4 Wheelz fulfilled their commitments to me at a very high level, my training officer for the part 3 was outstanding and I passed on the first attempt. Office staff were efficient and very capable."
Shahzaz Matloob ADI
"I have taken a 2nd attempt at my part three today and have been successful achieving a high grade of 6 and 5. I wanted to say that it was for the fantastic training I have received from H and also John who I was introduced to when I was getting closer to my test.(Trainer) H, I need to say did make a 100% difference to my confidence, my ability and the way I needed to tackle the part 3 test. I gained so many valuable skills, knowledge and feel that if I had not met H I may not have got such grades. I thank H and John so much."
Balbinder Singh ADI Great Barr
"4 Wheelz is a friendly family company who treat you as a person not a number. Their trainer Barry Vaughan gave me excellent support and helped me pass my part 3 exam first time"
G Smith Wombourne
"I selected 4 Wheelz through recommendation after checking out the competition. I was delighted with my choice. The trainers are very experienced and I can recommend budding ADIs to choose 4 Wheelz as their first choice. They do exactly what they say on the tin"
Beverley Hutchinson ADI Walsall
"I found 4 Wheelz most reliable, who do what they advertise 100% & beyond. H was there for me when ever I needed to ask anything or go through something again. All the staff are very friendly & helpful, I know I wouldnt have achieved my goal as an ADI without their full support."
Yvonne James, ADI Birmingham
"Once I decided to become a driving instructor I visited a few driving schools to see what their training set ups were. As soon as I had seen H I new that 4 Wheelz was the company I wanted to learn with. My training sessions have always been well structured, enjoyable and flexible to suit my needs. I found the recording of the in-car sessions particularly useful. I would like to thank everyone at 4 Wheelz for all their support especially Richard and H for their expertise. I wouldn't have passed without 4 Wheelz and I look forward to a new career with them."
Ian Peniket ADI Dudley
"4 Wheelz are a friendly company who are prepared to help in any way. The standard of training offered is very high and is structured in a way that will help everyone individually. H is a fantastic trainer who is always pushing you to give 100% every session, which at the end of my training proved invaluable in achieving my end goal. I passed part 1,2 and 3 first time which is all down to the thorough yet relaxed training methods."
Rukhsana Ali ADI Birmingham
"Having trained with a different company I failed my first attempt. I was left with no confidence, no self esteem and no will power to carry on. H the hero was recommended to me. Thank god for Mr H Surti he has made a 200% difference to me and my confidence, the knowledge and skills that I have gained are amazing. Being left broken I feel H has put me back together again. This course is difficult enough make it easy and go with 4Wheelz."
Robert Recardo, ADII Birmingham
"I decided to use 4 Wheelz after they were recommended to me after my previous training school. 4Wheelz part 3 training was suited to my needs. My instructor H was very thorough at the same time very entertaining, which made my learning enjoyable. 4 Wheelz were very flexible in training me near my home"
Prashanth Sreekanta ADI
" ]"Faultless training & support I received from H & Barry for all 3 parts to achieve my ADI qualification. Thorough & properly structured training allowed me to track my progress. Both H & Barry were there for anything I needed as were all the staff at 4 wheelz. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who wishes to become an ADI or simply learn to drive to 4 Wheelz."
Ian Hodder ADI Birmingham
"When looking at the training opportunities available from various companies, 4 Wheelz stood out from the crowd. They offered a professional and personal service. They were supportive right from the enquiry stage and have continued to support me in a professional yet friendly manner throughout the training process. The training program is excellent."
Craig Barnsley ADI Wordsley
"After passing parts 1 & 2 with 4 Wheelz, I found the training for part 3 to be at the same excellent standard. My training officer H fully supported me as he guided me through all the training levels, giving me the confidence to pass part 3. Many thanks"
Richard Dunn ADI Cradley Heath
"I can't thank 4 Wheelz & in particular H Surti enough for their help & support since I joined as a PDI. In comparison to the other training establishment I was training with, 4 Wheelz offer a friendlier & superior support & have exceeded my expectations as well as offering me more pupils than I expected. I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to other potential instructors."
Dawn Allen ADI Birmingham
"My name is Dawn Allen and I am an approved driving instructor and have been for over 4yrs now. I started with 4Wheelz Ltd as a trainee instructor and completed all my training with them with the help of both H and Barry to which both helped me qualify. I found some of the training quite difficult especially the part 3 exam but Barry was very patient and helpful and I qualified in 2008 and have been with 4wheelz Ltd ever since. I am kept busy regularly and there have even been times when I have not needed any pupils due to my volume of work and the girls in the office are always available to answer any questions I or my pupils may have. My overall experience with 4Wheelz Ltd has been a pleasurable and enjoyable one to date which is why I am still with them today!"
Andrea Francis ADI Birmingham
"If I have requested any stationery or the contents of my pigeon hole, it has arrived within two days of my request. When I needed support with my check test, this was offered without any hesitation. I would recommend 4 Wheelz as a driving company to any Instructor who is looking for a business who is well established and respects their Instructors."
Phil Amos ADI Dudley
"It is now coming up to my 7 year mark with 4 Wheelz Driving School and I think it is long over due for me to say a very big and sincere thank you to you and all of the staff in the office for all the hard work that you do in dealing with all the enquiries by phone and via e-mail. Having worked in a call centre myself in a previous life, I know how frustrating it can be trying to make everyone happy and getting grief sometimes when you are doing your best to accommodate prospective pupils demands! I know the occasional sticky bun for you and the girls is, although nice on the day, no where near enough thanks for the long hours you all put in so, once again a big thank you to you all, Very best wishes."
Anthony Price Leamington Spa
"As a very satisfied driving instructor working within the company of 4 wheelz, I would highly recommend them. Initially I started my new career with 4wheelz as a PDI for a 12 month period, during which time the training and advice received was excellent , enabling me to qualify 1st time. Its hard to believe I,ve now been with 4wheelz nearly 6 years , in which time , whenever new pupils were needed , 4wheelz provided , often with surprising speed. Occassions do occur when difficulties do arise with pupils and 4wheelz again were always there to offer good professional advice with a 100 % back-up when needed. Its been an enjoyable 6 years , with hopefully many more to come."
Luan Bryan Bilston
"Staff at 4 Wheelz are very friendly and professional. The training that I have received to date from 4 Wheelz has been second to none. I recently passed my part 2 having gained the confidence of knowing that my driving was to the required standard. The mock test under-taken with my trainer was invaluable. I am now continuing to enjoy my training as I progress with part 3."
Pinda Sandhu, ADI Sutton Coldfield
"With 4 Wheelz training I found the support and encouragement I needed to help boost my self confidence, which in turn helped me in part to pass my part 3. Whenever I needed to call, there was always a friendly voice on the other end."
Peter Townsend,ADI Wednesfield
"4 Wheelz is a very professional company, their tutors trained me at a very high standard, which enabled me to pass 1st time on all 3 parts."
Louise Griffiths Birmingham
"I would without doubt recommend 4Wheelz to anyone considering ADI training. They provided all the material needed to pass the part 1 exam, but more importantly the one to one In-class training & the opportunity to take a mock exam under test conditions ensured I passed first time."
Sarah Schlicht Bloxwich
"The training is excellent and explained really well. Everyone is really friendly, my trainer H is very patient and helpful. I would recommend 4 Wheelz to anyone wanting to become a driving instructor…"
Sally Kaur ADI Wolverhampton
"I just wanted to write this note to thank you for all of the work you did with me over the past few months, and to let you know that I successfully passed my part 3. I have learned more in my 5 hours training with you H and Mark than I did with completing my whole course with ***. 4 Wheelz staff are very friendly and they make you feel welcome, they are always there if you need any help or advice. Thank you H and Mark again for helping me and building my confidence. I appreciate the time you took."
Kevin James ADI Cradley Heath
"I recently passed the part 3 qualifying test to become an ADI, this would not have happened without the terrific help and support I received from H and all the other guys at 4 Wheelz."
Steven Hickman ADI Dudley
""After researching many driving schools one name kept popping up (4 Wheelz). Finally I asked an examiner at my local test centre who also recommended 4 Wheelz, at this point my mind was made up as an examiner is not biased and it is a lot of money to part with. Yes I made the right choice! Firstly their instructors are first rate with a wealth of knowledge on tap. Dont expect an easy ride though you do have to put some effort in to succeed. H Surti (Senior Training Officer) is a true professional and helped me attain grades 5 and 6 which is almost top marks. My advice to PDIs would be to work hard, listen to your instructor and take on board all the comments positive + negative but most of all be yourself even on the tests, it really helps. Examiners want to see genuine hard working PDIs not pre-programmed robots. Thanks once again to H and Richard, could not have done it without you guys. Thanks""
Mr P Saunders ADI Wolverhampton
"An excellent training school helped me in all aspects of the training, to pass all parts of the course first time."
Salvatore Trapani Dudley
"My trainer made all my part 1 and 2 enjoyable and with his help I managed to pass both exams. As I have been driving for 6 years I had many bad habits to get rid of to get up to standard to pass. The teaching is clear, excellent and very importantly I looked forward to each lesson. I strongly recommend 4 wheelz and look forward to working with them. Friendly staff as well ."
Alan Starkey ADI Tipton
"When I joined 4 Wheelz on a trainee licence I was a bit apprehensive. But with the support I received and the excellent training they gave me, I quickly improved and passed my part 3 first time. Thank you 4 Wheelz for giving me a wonderful opportunity."
G White Atherstone
"I found the company to be professional, always helpful and their training methods excellent, particularly the in-car video facility"
Jackie Archer Northfield
"I have enjoyed working with 4 Wheelz driving school. I believe I have made steady progress whilst training with my facilitator H. He has been very supportive throughout my training in turn making it an enjoyable experience. I have passed my part 1 and 2 very successfully and now I am working towards passing part 3. I have found the in-car DVD training very useful to help me reflect and evaluate my sessions. I am gaining valuable knowledge and understanding in preparation for part 3. Overall my training with 4 Wheelz has been a great learning experience. Now I am looking forward to passing part 3!"
Rohan Cooray Dudley
"With 4 Wheelz Ive already passed part 1 and 2. Im at the moment on part 3. The DVD recording on the training is of great help because its helped me to revise my lessons at home. Special thanks to my trainer Mr H Surti."
David Eastwood Worcester
"The in-car video training is brilliant, I would recommend it to anyone wishing to become a Driving Instructor"
Sarah Ramsdale Cannock
"I have received good structured and professional training, with plenty of support."
Mark Zarebski, ADI Solihull
"Im so pleased I joined 4 Wheelz on a trainee licence. Besides friendly and helpful staff and a fantastic reputation, the training was exceptional. I had struggled with role play in part 3 until I met Mr H Surti who gave me the confidence to succeed. Result ADI! I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to other potential instructors. Thank you 4 Wheelz."
Peter Bansal ADI Codsall
"H explained my faults very clearly & how I should do things differently. He also helped me realise that Q & A was more important than keep on telling the pupil. The training sessions helped me to be more confident & helped me to get a grade 6. Thanks."
Kevin Harvey ADI Birmingham
"I have improved on my ADI grade thanks to 4 Wheelz. Ive received good structured & professional training. I found the training to be relaxed + enjoyable & a great learning curve. H gave me more confidence in my ability to improve on my ADI grade. I would recommend 4 Wheelz."
Julie Bardon ADI Sheffield
"I have no hesitation in recommending 4 Wheelz to any other driving instructors. A big thank you to H who has helped me so much & made my check test training so enjoyable. I feel ready to take the world on. Just wish they were based in Sheffield."
Kevin Crowhurst ADI Wombourne
"I have twice sought 4 Wheelz help following problems with ADI check tests. Each time the trainers knowledge & expertise has highlighted & dramatically improved my instructional techniques, allowing me to pass easily with confidence. I will definitely contact 4 Wheelz before my next check test."
Lloyd Grainger ADI Brierley Hill
"Many thanks H for providing me with renewed interest and zest to up my standard of instruction and enable the check test to be cleared with confidence. The professionally delivered training should enlighten any instructor to achieve that something extra."
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