Learn to Drive – Get Driving With 4 Wheelz …

If you’re looking to get driving quickly, we’ve put together the handy list below of all the most important links you might need from the 4 Wheelz website to get on the road. From driving lessons prices to the 4 steps to get your full driving licence, get moving now…

Useful Links for Learner Drivers

If you’re planning on starting your driving lessons soon, or have recently started them, then we recommend you check out some of the useful links below for all of the information you need to get on the road safely and legally.

4Wheelz Peugeot 208

‘Neil Turner is an excellent instructor and a confident engaging trainer/instructor with an understanding of my difficulties. Neil has developed strategies to help me fight my anxiety and gain a positive approach of the driving culture. Thank you Neil for your help and support and I will recommend my family members to take their driving courses by 4Wheelz because they are the ultimate driving school.’

Claude Charlot