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‘My instructor understands my needs & always helps me to feel less nervous. I feel increasingly confident in myself & my ability with each lesson.’

Sarah Franklin

‘4 Wheelz were very helpful & friendly when dealing with me on the phone. Craig was a lovely driving instructor who made me feel really at ease with driving & comfortable on my test.’

Katie Habernathy

The `L` test centre is on Vernons Lane in Stocking Ford. Learning to drive in this area can be quite straight forward if you have professional tuition with a 4 Wheelz Driving Instructor.

The areas below require guidance from your 4Wheelz Driving Instructor:

T Junction at Northumberland Avenue & Thompkinson Road.

Emerging from this closed junction there are usually cars parked on the main road to the left and the right. Upon approach you must climb a slight gradient with a speed hump at your rear wheels as you achieve the Give Way position. Extreme caution is required with the use of clutch control to enable the nose of the car to be pushed out so you can see clearly enough to emerge fully and safely onto Thomkinson Road.

T Junction at Thompkinson Road & Croft Road.

On a steep incline with vision to the right often reduced to zero due to other queuing traffic wishing to turn right at same. The `L`test requires a left turn only as turning right is considered to be too precarious due to the bridge on the left (Cock and Bear Bridge) which obscures all approaching traffic. Excellent clutch control and / or use of the hand brake is a must here.

Odeon Roundabout on the A444 Bedworth Bypass.

Turning left or right here can be difficult as the traffic from the right is approaching from a dual carriageway at National Speed Limit. Both lanes can be going ahead as the carriageway continues at 50 MPH upon exit.

T Junction at Earls Road & Manor Court Road.

When emerging on the `L` test be aware of the danger of clipping or mounting the kerb with the nearside rear wheel if emerging to the left as the junction is narrow. Pushing the car out further then applying full lock is required to eliminate the clipping but can have an impact on oncoming traffic

All of these situations need the guidance and coaching skills of your 4 Wheelz Driving Instructor who is well qualified to give you positive guidance to improve your driving skills. Your Instructor will help to build your confidence so that you are able to cope with all types of roads and conditions.

Local Theory Test Centres

1st Floor, Warwick Gate
21-22 Warwick Row, Coventry, CV1 1ET

3rd Floor, Rutland Centre
56 Halford Street, Leicester, LE1 1TQ
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Local Driving Test Centres

54 Vernons Lane
Stockingford, Nuneaton, CV10 8AA

Bayton Road Industrial Estate
42, Bayton Road, Coventry, CV7 9EJ
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‘My driving instructor Sally was fabulous. She was very quick to point out my bad points but with constructive criticism. She spoke to you & relaxed you as well as explaining all the manoeuvres & reference points in detail. Sally gave out leaflets to help explain roundabouts & turning from minor roads to major roads. Very friendly & we built up a good rapport.’

Tyrone Mathews

‘My instructor is very patient. He is flexible with times & also offers good and practical advice. I would highly recommend 4 Wheelz to anyone wishing to learn to drive.’

Demi Sweeney