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Taking driving lessons in the Stourbridge area will be easy for you in the capable hands of your local 4 Wheelz DVSA registered Driving Instructor. Your Instructor will ensure you progress from the quiet nursery areas onto the busier and more complex roads. This will enable you to build your confidence and be able to master the more complex situations.

The Stourbridge Ring road can be awkward to deal with but with the help of your 4 Wheelz Instructor you will be guided to improve your forward planning to ensure you are able to position correctly for the exit road that  you require. It is crucial that you keep your speed to a minimum when turning right out of Bridge Street into Swan Street due to the extensive parked cars causing drivers to turn onto the wrong side of the road. The local knowledge of your Instructor will ensure that you will be able to cope with difficult situations such as this.

Your 4 Wheelz Driving Instructor will teach you at your own pace ensuring that you are confident with the basic skills before moving you on to these more difficult tasks. The nearest theory test centre to Stourbridge is in Kings Street, Dudley. Your  Instructor will guide you on the aspects of the theory test and advise you when to apply for this. This will enable you to put into practice your theory during your practical driving lessons which will in turn help you with your hazard perception and awareness skills.

As you make progress your 4 Wheelz Instructor will advise you on when and how to apply for your practical test. By the time you take your test your confidence will have grown to such an extent that it will seem a formality.

The nearest practical test centre to Stourbridge is in Lower Gornal, Dudley.

Local Theory Test Centre Trafalgar House (Lower Ground floor) 49 Kings Street, Dudley, DY2 8PS Book Your Theory Test Online

Local Driving Test Centre 19/21 Lake Street Lower Gornal, Nr Dudley, DY3 2AY Book Your Driving Test Online

‘Brilliant instructor, friendly. Great company.’

Damian Knowles


Good value for money – Well recommended – Enjoyable.’

Gearge Palmer


‘Good advice on other matters e.g Insurance. 4 Wheelz has a brilliant reputation, at first I thought they may not live up to my expectations, instead they have exceeded them. Efficiency is highly valued and practiced. Help + Guidance with theory.’

Samantha Squires


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