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Smethwick is an area within the Black Country that borders West Bromwich and Birmingham. There are plenty of roads within Smethwick that you need to be aware of and be able to drive safely on when learning to drive.

One very important road is the Kenrick Way / Telford Way roundabout in West Bromwich – which was identified by Birmingham Live as one of the most dangerous junctions in the Black Country. It is a multi-lane roundabout near to West Bromwich Albion football ground with some entrances controlled by traffic lights but other entrances with no traffic lights.

Adding to the complication on this roundabout, is the fact it is extremely busy, especially at rush hour periods with many drivers using it as part of their commute to and from work. Also, the lane markings are painted on the road surface and frequently intersect one another around the island so good lane discipline and an ability to read road signs quickly and act upon them is very important, which your 4 Wheelz driving instructor will be sure you are confident of doing.

Another area also identified as an accident hotspot is the Tollhouse Way, Rolfe Street and High Street series of junctions that run through Smethwick. These are junctions on a dual carriageway which run off Tollhouse Way – they both sit virtually on top of each other and though the former is traffic light controlled the latter isn’t. The Rolfe Street junction is traffic light controlled and you need to be in the left lane.  Whereas, if you want to turn onto the high street you have to be in the right lane to turn off and you also need to cross the dual carriageway with oncoming traffic. This junction requires both good lane discipline and also the ability to judge high-speed traffic when turning right.

Smethwick Driving Instructors

When learning to drive in Smethwick, a local and patient driving instructor is very important. They should know the local driving test centre (Wednesbury) and the routes around it – as well as the best place to practice your driving skills. Your 4 Wheelz driving instructor will ensure lessons include a mixture for quiet roads for you to build confidence (As well as practice those all important manoeuvres) as well as busier roads so you get the full range of experience.

Male and Female Driving Instructors

We have male and female instructors in the Smethwick area.

Local Theory Test Centre

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B4 7NJ

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Local Driving Test Centre

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