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When you join 4 Wheelz Driving School for your driving lessons in Warwick your instructor will be a local who is familiar with the local roads and test routes. We have been teaching learner drivers in Warwick and across the West Midlands for 23 years, in this time we have refined our teaching style to provide lessons in a way which, we believe, make you a better driver.

Local Driving Instructors in Warwick

Driving in and around Warwick can be difficult and requires the careful coaching of a local expert. As our driving instructors are local to Warwick they have an in-depth knowledge of the area, and are aware of the routes used for practical driving tests and the best roads for you to practice manoeuvres on.

During your driving lessons you will need a high level of awareness at all times. Your 4 Wheelz instructor will coach you to a level where you are fully aware of all traffic around so you blend in with all types of traffic conditions.

Key Areas For Learning To Drive in Warwick

Over the course of your driving lessons with 4 Wheelz you will learn how to deal with some of the key areas in Warwick, and experience some of the many test routes used for practical driving tests in the area.

Close to the practical driving test centre is a roundabout, which is likely to feature on your driving test due to its proximity to the test centre. Halfway around the roundabout you will come across a ‘Give Way’ sign, where you are expected to stop and give way to traffic coming from the left. During your driving lessons we will ensure you have experienced this junction and practiced until you feel comfortable and confident to identify the hazard and give way, without lessons you may fail to spot this which could lead to harsh braking.

Forward planning will be required in the centre of Warwick, where, on The Butts, the two way road here narrows down to one lane, allowing just one car at a time through. Planning effectively will mean you will be able to proceed without an issue, or can pull over to allow the oncoming traffic through.

On the outskirts of Warwick you’ll come across larger roads, such as the A46, which features a spiral roundabout. Here the speed limit changes from a 70 MPH zone down to 40 MPH, during your driving test you will need to pay constant attention to the road signs to regulate your speed to the appropriate limit for the area. You will also experience multiple lanes on this roundabout, during your driving lessons with 4 Wheelz you will learn how to forward plan to ensure you are in the appropriate lane at the correct speed to keep the flow of traffic smooth without impeding other traffic.

Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons

We have manual and automatic driving school cars in Warwick – what’s the difference?

Male and Female Driving Instructors

We have male and female driving instructors in the Warwick area.

The local theory test centre is located in Warwick on Warwick Row, and the practical test centre is also in Warwick, located on Budbrooke Road.

Local Theory Test Centre 1st Floor, Warwick Gate, 21-22 Warwick Row, Coventry CV1 1ET  Book Your Theory Test Online
Local Driving Test Centre Unit 7, Charles Court, Budbrooke Road, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 5LZ  Book Your Driving Test Online

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I think the drivers are very helpful and don’t rush you. They keep helping and explaining or giving leaflets if you dont understand or get something in the lesson.

Faye Butler

Friendly instructors –incredibly patient! Accelerated Learning Leaflets incredibly useful, Lessons are very affordable.

Rachel Powell

I would recommend 4wheelz because they’re a very reliable driving school. I would like to say a big thank you to Tahira as I passed first time.

Kylie Mowbray


I would definitely recommend 4 Wheelz to anyone learning to drive. As well as being great value for money, my instructor was very friendly, helpful and patient!

Patrick Armstrong

Leamington Spa

I like how patient and relaxed they are, never late and always encouraging.

Charly Hackney

Leamington Spa