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Why Our Cars Are the Best to Learn In

When you’re learning to drive, not all motor vehicles give you the same experience. With all the rules of the road to learn, you want a vehicle that makes it easier instead of harder. Take a look at some of the vehicles that we offer at 4 Wheelz and why they’re the perfect vehicle for your lessons.

Why Are Some Cars Better to Learn In Than Others?

While everyone has their own personal opinion as to what the best motor vehicle to learn to drive in is, we believe that a car that makes you feel comfortable, confident and in control is the best. This feeling is usually easier obtained in a smaller vehicle.

The design of some cars is more focused on “larger is better” and can leave a new driver feeling overwhelmed with the space inside and out. Fully loaded dashboards can look more like a rocket ship than a car and learning to drive is hard enough without extra buttons and dials that are more for looks rather than function.

When you’ve never driven before, a large car can be too much to handle. It’s best to walk before you run and start off with a smaller vehicle that will leave you feeling more in control. It’s usually safer for the student, instructor, and others on the road as well.

In the beginning, it’s best to keep things simple. Simple doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable or unattractive, though. We offer plenty of simple yet stylish and highly functional options for your first driving lessons.

Why We Think Smaller Cars Are Better

Youre More in Tune

In a smaller car, you’re closer to the ground and not encased in such a large shell. It makes you more aware of your surroundings. You can feel your speed and notice bumps and grooves in the road more easily. It gives you a higher appreciation of the power behind a motor vehicle.

Youre Not as Distracted

The larger the vehicle, the more surface area there is to monitor. When first learning, you should only be focused on the physical aspect of driving and not about all the knobs and switches on the dashboard. A smaller vehicle makes it easier to stay in control and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Less Blind Spots, Safer

Larger motor vehicles typically have more blind spots, making it more difficult to see everything going on around you. This is also true for your driving instructor. The best cars for instructors allow them to see as much as possible. Larger vehicles are also prone to rolling over during accidents, making smaller cars safer in certain situations.

Our selection of vehicles

We offer a wide variety of vehicles both manual and automatic vehicles compared to our competition for you to use during your driving lessons. Take a look at some of our options and see if any sound perfect for your individual needs.

Vauxhall Corsa

The stylish Corsa features comfortable supportive seats and perfectly placed displays and switches that keep you in control. There are also plenty of driver assistance features, like a lane departure warning that warms you when you are leaving a lane without signaling and a forward collision alert that senses when you’re too close to an object in front of you. You’ll feel safe and secure in the Vauxhall Corsa.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a fun car to drive that puts safety first. It has a safety cage reinforced with boron steel and comes with seven standard airbags. It also features standard power-assisted steering, which can help correct the vehicle when driving over road irregularities and smooth out minor tire vibrations. You can spend more time focusing on your driving rather than trying to decipher different bumps on the drive.

Nissan Micra

Terrified of parking? The Nisan Micra erases any fear with its clever parking slot measurement system that actually tells you how difficult a parking spot is to maneuver into. The vehicle also features rear parking sensors that will alert you if you begin to get too close to anything while backing up. We always suggest the Nissan Micra for those of our students that are a bit nervous as it instills confidence in driving decisions.

BMW Mini

The BMW Mini is great for motorway driving. It limits wind and road noise and has strong acceleration that allows learners to keep up with traffic easily. The drive is smooth and surprisingly spacious and the controls are placed perfectly in the dashboard. We usually match our more confident drivers with this model who want to have fun learning to drive while still being responsible.

At 4 Wheelz, we’re committed to making sure that your driving lessons are as comfortable as possible, from the seat that you’re sitting in to how confident you feel behind the wheel. We are confident that we can match you with the perfect motor vehicle to learn how to drive in.

You can see some examples of our current models below.

Good cars to drive e.g.. Citroen C3. Instructors are helpful and patient. Staff in office are easy to talk to and friendly.

Jaina Mistry


‘You learn how to drive very quickly and comfortably in a safe environment accompanied by a polite courteous instructor, I would recommend to anyone.’

Luke Thomas


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