Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pass rate at 4 Wheelz Ltd?
Based on results from trainees who have taken up to three attempts between January 2005 & November 2017. Part one 98% Part two 93% Part three 88% ADI success rate (National average Part one 51% Part two 53% Part three 30%)
Why should I choose a company that is ORDIT registered for my training?
Because it is the only way you can be sure that the training reaches the standards set by the DVSA. Do not be fooled by trainers and training establishments that have excuses why they are NOT on the register, such as we are too big a company or it is expensive to be placed on the register and we would have to increase our training prices etc. etc.
Are you on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Training, the ORDIT Register?
Yes 4 Wheelz approved driving instructor training premises and all of our trainers (100%) are ORDIT registered. So you can be assured the trainer you are placed with is teaching you correctly.
Do all training establishments have to be ORDIT registered?
No. Currently it is not compulsory to be ORDIT registered so be careful when choosing a training establishment.
Do you offer in-class mock test facilities for the part one test?
Yes we have clean modern training facilities and we highly recommend practicing and taking a mock Theory and Hazard Perception test in a training room under test conditions.
Do you offer ongoing in-class part one training at no extra cost?
Yes you may need some re-training if you fail first time. However our pass rate is 98% so it hopefully won’t be necessary.
Do you offer extra training on all of the tests at no extra cost if you were to fail your 1st or 2nd attempt?
Yes we do, extra training is where there can be substantial hidden costs, but we don’t charge for extra training.
Do you offer in-car DVD recording?
Yes this will allow you to watch the training session over and over again in the comfort of your own home. You will be amazed how much more information you will retain when watching your training on a TV or computer at home.
Can I talk to someone who has done the course?
We will provide you with contacts of ADIs who have qualified and current PDIs that are training with 4 Wheelz. Also on our web site you will also find genuine testimonials of people who have completed the course with 4 Wheelz Ltd.
What is a Trainee Licence?
A Trainee Licence can be applied for after you have passed the part one, part two exams and completed your 40 hours part three training. The Trainee Licence enables you to start earning money and also gain valuable teaching experience before taking the part three exam. The Trainee Licence is valid for 6 months.
What will the classroom training involve?
Our classroom training is focused on adult learning in an open, friendly and relaxed environment. In the Part one class we work on developing your knowledge and understanding and not just learning the questions and their answers. In the Part three class we aim to give you the basic foundations required to teach.
Will I get my money back if my criminal record checks are unsuccessful?
Yes. Once you have been assessed and have been accepted on the course, we will help you with the application for the criminal record checks. While this procedure is being done, you can start the course. If subsequently you are unsuccessful with the checks 4 Wheelz will refund your course fees.
Where will I work?
If you became a 4 Wheelz Driving Instructor you would normally provide us with 6 postcodes in and around your home. Your work would normally be within these 6 postcodes. However you may decide to work from home as a self employed Driving Instructor or join one of the national or local driving schools, the choice is yours.
Do you supply the Training books recommended by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency?
Yes the official DVSA recommended books when training are essential and they’re not cheap. Some schools use their own training literature which may be inadequate and/or not up to date.
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