The Real Risks of Drink Driving

Some things go hand-in-hand with a nice cold beer, or glass of wine – festivals, Christmas, birthdays. However one thing that doesn’t go with drink is driving.

The number of people seriously injured or killed as a result of drink driving is continuously on the rise. In 2016 there were 9,050 casualties as a result of drink driving, a 7% increase on 2015. The most worrying statistic is the number of child casualties as a result of drink driving. In 2014 2,080 children were treated as a result of being involved in a drink drive accident, a 3% increase on the previous year.

It seems despite all of the education around people are still choosing to take the risk when it comes to the deadly combination of drinking and driving.

In the infographic below we have put together an informative guide revealing the risks you take when drink driving. With the relevant fact and figures you can ensure you are more educated when it comes to drink driving. We’ve also answered some of your burning questions around drink driving beneath the below graphic, such as the drink drive limits and what can effect that, and what happens when you’re caught drink driving. We encourage you to have a read and think carefully about your alcohol consumption throughout the year.

Drink Driving

What is the drink drive limit in the UK?

It’s almost impossible to know how many units of alcohol is your limit because each driver is different. There are a number of other factors which can change the effect alcohol has on your body such as:

  • Weight
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Your own metabolism
  • What alcohol you have been drinking
  • Whether you’ve eaten and what you’ve eaten
  • Stress levels

However the law states that the drink driving limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100ml of breath, 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100ml of blood and 107 milligrams of alcohol in 100ml of urine.

How much is a unit of alcohol?

A unit of alcohol shouldn’t be used as a rule of thumb as to how much you can drink. Units are a way to tell how strong your drink is, for example in drink form a unit can look like half a pint or a 125ml glass of wine, but only 25ml of spirits.

What happens if I’m caught?

If you’re suspected of driving under the influence and are pulled over, or involved in a road traffic accident of any sort the police will carry out a breath test at the side of the road. This will be done using a tool called a breathalyser.

If you haven’t had a drink then you have nothing to worry about, however if you fail the breath test you will be taken to a police station where you will provide a final breath test. If you’re found to be over the limit you will be charged.

What will happen if I’m convicted of drink driving?

If you are charged for driving under the influence of alcohol you could face a years driving ban, a fine of up to £5,000, an endorsement on your driving licence for 11 years or three months’ imprisonment.

You will have to notify your employer of you conviction, which could lead to the loss of your job and, ultimately your career. It could also have a negative impact on your relationship.

Our advice? Don’t take the risk, there are plenty of ways to enjoy an alcohol free night, or stick to public transport – that’s what it’s there for.