Inside the new practical driving test marking system

By the time you have read this blog post, the new marking system for UK driving tests will be rolled out across the UK. Here we have a look at the main changes to the new marking system.

First of all, the examiner will be marking the pupil on an iPad, rather than the paper-based system used previously. This means once the test is completed and if it results in a pass, the details can be sent to the DVLA instantly and a new licence can be posted much faster than the 3 weeks previously.

There have also been some structural changes to the test as follows. After the examiner calls the candidates name, they will be asked to click two boxes on the iPad to accept the insurance and residency declaration and then sign as before. However, the pupil will now be asked for their email address to send the report to once the test has been completed.

The test then continues as normal with the eyesight test, tell me question and setting off – however for a fault to be recorded the examiner holds the stylus on the required box for a short period of time to record it and at the top of the sheet are orange and red boxes to mark serious and dangerous faults.

At the end of the test and if you are called over to discuss the results with the pupil the examiner will share the results with you and give their comments as before and if it is a pass than a D10 certificate will be issued and the pupil can sign the screen to confirm no health issues. Then the examiner taps on end test and the results will be sent as soon as Wi-Fi is available.

The report which is emailed will contain all of the faults with Dangerous at the top, then Serious then the other errors, usually in the order in which they happened.

It is also worth noting if any of your students are in the process of moving house, perhaps to go to university that if they are changing at the time of the test the examiner cannot change their address but will advise them to apply to DVLA to gain their full licence and change of address.

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