Complete Theory & Hazard Perception Test Pack

The theory pack gives you the best possible chance of passing your theory test and, in turn, your driving test.


Complete Theory Pack Includes:

Driving Test Success Anytime (Gold Membership) Online Training

The UK’s most complete online theory training package, which was created by experts, is essential to passing your theory and hazard perception test with detailed explanations and tutorials. Simply login using your web browser and revise using your PC, Laptop, Netbook, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet.


Multiple Choice questions

All the latest questions from the official DVSA revision bank, unlimited mock theory tests against the clock just like the real thing, detailed reports and analysis (which means you can concentrate on your weak topics and rapidly study to exam success). The online training also has an optional voice over to help those with reading difficulties.


Hazard Perception Mock Test

Using Official Hazard Perception clips – a key element of the theory test (watch the official DVSA sample video clips and tutorial video).

Sit unlimited random video mock tests that accurately simulate the official test by the DVSA. Understand how each hazard develops by reviewing each clip.

Monitor your progress to see if you are ready for the real test.

Accelerated Learning Leaflets

as part of your theory pack, you will also receive the first two Accelerated Learning Leaflets. These leaflets are designed to help boost your driving skills, with each leaflet covering the key essentials of driving. For example, after your first lesson, your driving instructor will give you an Accelerated Learning Leaflet on controls, moving off and stopping. Throughout your driving lessons, we’ll provide you with 20 different leaflets, there for you to reflect on once you’re back at home to help you remember the different points you have learned during your driving lessons. Over 90% of our pupils claim that our Accelerated Learning Leaflets have helped them learn to drive quicker.

Progress Report and Appointment Booklet

within your theory pack, you’ll receive a progress report and appointment booklet. At the end of each of your lessons, your instructor will recap your lesson and fill in your progress report, with ratings to highlight any areas which require improvement and the areas you’re doing well. This progress report is a handy tool for you to reflect on what you need to work on as you build up to your driving test.

Show Me Tell Me

Includes all official DVSA questions plus additional step-by-step video tutorials.

Highway Code eBook

study the latest rules and regulations to help you prepare for your test.

Road Signs eBook

learn all the road signs and markings that you are likely to see when driving.

Mock Driving Test

watch a full mock test to see what happens on the day of your test.

Also available if preferred

‘The Complete Theory Test’ on DVD for your PC.

Torch Keyring

will come in useful for keys to your first car!

Feedback Form

this is where you send us your comments on what you liked best about your training programme, and what you think could be better. As such it forms a valuable part of your overall driving education and helps us improve our service to both you and other pupils

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