West Midlands Theory Test Pass Rates

Theory test pass rates in the West Midlands

Taking your theory test is a necessity if you want to drive on the roads of the UK. But a recent fall in pass rates has caused outcry, as people across the UK believe the test has become too hard.

The two part theory test assesses your knowledge of the highway code. Ensuring you understand the rules of the road, are able to spot hazards, and are fit to drive.
Theory test pass rates chart
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We’re going to take a look at how learner drivers in the West Midlands are performing as pass rates fall. We have taken data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to look at theory tests from the last year.

Theory Test Pass Rate in West Midlands

Theory test pass rates have dropped across the country, the UK national average is now under 50%. In 2016/17 the UK theory test pass rate was 48.7%, showing that fewer people still are able to pass the difficult test. The West Midlands pass rate was 46.8%, further proof that the theory test is becoming more difficult for those learning to drive.
Total theory test pass rate for the West Midlands was 46.8%

Males vs Female Theory Test Pass Rate

Women across the country are a driving force to be reckoned with when it comes to passing the theory test. 50.7% of all females who took the test have passed it in the past year, well above the national average for the country. Meanwhile men are eating their dust as they lag behind. Only 46.8% of all men who took the theory test passed – significantly impacting the national average.

In the West Midlands male and female pass rates are closer than the national average suggests. Women are still leading the way in the West Midlands – 48.2% passed their theory test last year. Men are not too far behind with 45.4% passing their test. However females outperformed males taking their theory test at every test centre across the West Midlands.
males vs females theory test pass rates in the West Midlands

The Best Place to Pass Your Theory Test is…

Whilst the pass rate across the West Midlands was only 46.8%, there were some areas across our region that outperformed others. Cheltenham found the most success when it came to theory tests over the last year. A staggering 53.4% pass rate, not only the highest in the West Midlands but far above the national average.
Theory test pass rates in Cheltenham - 53.4% the highest in the West Midlands

Birmingham recorded the lowest theory test pass rates. Only 44.1% of those taking their theory test at the Birmingham test centre passed it.

Check out the chart below to see how you test centre performed.
West Midlands theory test pass rate breakdown by town

Failing your theory test means you can’t take your practical driving test. Sure you can retake the test, but that costs more money and time – can you afford to fail your first attempt? You could be spending that money on new clothes or time with your friends. Don’t chance being out of pocket, prepare for your theory test properly and you’ll be on the roads of the UK in no time.

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See the full infographic below:
Theory test pass rates in the West Midlands infographic