CPD Training

Continual Professional Development (C.P.D.) From 4 Wheelz

Continual Professional Development will help to maximise an individuals potential, retain credibility within your profession and maintain high levels of professional competence.

At 4 Wheelz driving instructor training centre, ADI’s can make a commitment towards professionalism by keeping up to date and continually seeking to improve their knowledge and expertise. With 4 Wheelz CPD courses you will be keeping ahead of the game.


Training room CPD training

CPD is strongly supported by 4 Wheelz and national Driving Instructors Associations.

At 4 Wheelz you have the opportunity to gain CPD courses in:

1. ADI Standards Check Training

2. Question / Answer Open Forum Sessions

3. Interpreting The Driving Test Report DL25

4. Customer Service

5. Cardington Test Training

6. ORDIT Training

7. Coaching / Instructional Techniques

CPD can be practiced in different ways. For example you can:

1. Update your teaching skills

2. Attend local or national meetings or seminars

3. Research new vehicles for your business

4. Spend time developing your business skills

5. Attend formal courses

6. Spend time on the internet carrying out

desktop research

7. Networking with other Instructors

While CPD is not currently mandatory the DVSA is actively encouraging ADI`s to start CPD as soon as possible so that individuals and their customers can benefit from their learning and thereby improve road safety.

As you undergo any CPD courses it is important that you provide evidence by recording this. Support this evidence by any certificates etc which prove your attendance and heightened knowledge. Your record should clearly show what CPD you have done, what you learned from it and how you will use it in your Instructing role. 4 Wheelz will provide you with a template to record your CPD.

A very good training session with good quality content & structure.

Leroy Daley, ADI

Well constructed, made good sense, everything flowed.’

Lisa Kidd, ADI

Very informative, good structure and good interaction with group

Ian Webley, ADI

Excellent, quality, content and structure. Very good CPD session.

Alan Starkey, ADI

Comfortable and friendly, gained a lot of knowledge. I would certainly attend again.

Bill Singh, ADI

I have benefited greatly from this course. I understand much more of what is needed from me as an instructor. Glad I came well worth it.

Tony Packer, ADI

Given me more understanding of what is expected. Feel a lot more confident going into the new check test.

Darren Banks, ADI

Enjoyed sharing ideas with other instructors. Nice sandwich and biscuits.’

Sally Kaur, ADI

Very enjoyable, put my mind at rest about future check tests.’

Robert Ricardo, ADI

A very enjoyable and useful training period which highlighted areas that had slipped from my memory.

Phil Amos, ADI

Very clear, precise and current. Overall very helpful. Handouts are very useful for future reference.

Craig Barnsley, ADI

We Have ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor Trainers In These & Surrounding Areas: Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Cannock, Cheltenham, Dudley, Halesowen, Redditch, Solihull, Stafford, Stourbridge, Walsall, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Worcester.

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