Steven Hickman

“After researching many driving schools one name kept popping up (4 Wheelz). Finally I asked an examiner at my local test centre who also recommended 4 Wheelz, at this point my mind was made up as an examiner is not biased and it is a lot of money to part with. Yes I made the right choice! Firstly their instructors are first rate with a wealth of knowledge on tap. Dont expect an easy ride though you do have to put some effort in to succeed. H Surti (Senior Training Officer) is a true professional and helped me attain grades 5 and 6 which is almost top marks. My advice to PDIs would be to work hard, listen to your instructor and take on board all the comments positive + negative but most of all be yourself even on the tests, it really helps. Examiners want to see genuine hard working PDIs not pre-programmed robots. Thanks once again to H and Richard, could not have done it without you guys. Thanks”