Intensive Driving Courses & Lessons

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What is an Intensive driving course?

Intensive driving courses are ideal for people that need to pass their driving test in a short period of time. The content is the same as a regular driving course, except that it is structured in a way that allows pupils to learn much faster. At 4 wheelz you have the option of both male and female driving instructors. They also provide support and guidance with your theory test so that you can get on to the road as quickly as possible.


Intensive driving course benefits

Intensive driving lessons allow pupils to get up to the required standard  within a matter of weeks instead of months. The course is condensed, so this allows pupils to retain what they have learnt much better. This means that only a small amount of information is lost the next day. With normal weekly driving lessons time can sometimes be wasted getting you back up to speed due to a week break between lessons.  Also crash course driving lessons allow you to build and maintain confidence a lot easier because of amount of driving you do in such a small window.  

‘Don’t waste your money with other driving companies, 4 Wheelz seems to be one of the best driving schools around.’

David Plinston

Cradley Heath

‘Good advice on other matters e.g Insurance. 4 Wheelz has a brilliant reputation, at first I thought they may not live up to my expectations, instead they have exceeded them. Efficiency is highly valued and practiced. Help + Guidance with theory.’

Samantha Squires


How long can an intensive course take?

This all depends on a your previous experience and the speed in which you can learn. We understand that everybody is different, so one of our expert instructors will access both of these elements before you fully booking your course.

You might pass your driving test in a week or a 4 weeks. Both these periods are far less than the time it would take to pass your test with weekly driving courses.


Who intensive lessons are ideal for

  • Learner Drivers with some experience, but not making the progress they hoped for.
  • Drivers of all Levels looking for a quick, proven Intensive Driving Training Programme to help pass their crash course driving test, in two weeks or less.


How much will the course cost and will I save money?


Intensive driving course prices:


Intensive driving courses (including theory test fees, driving test fees, driving test car hire & test booking service)
* includes 2 hours for practical driving test.
10 Lesson Course (1 week)               *£361.50

20 Lesson Course (1 or 2 weeks)     *£601.50

30 Lesson Course (2 or 4 weeks)     *£841.00

40 Lesson Course (2 or 4 weeks)     *£1081.50


How do I get started


Step 1 – Assessment Driving Lesson (Duration: 2 Hours):

To find out whether you need one week or two weeks of Intensive Training & the number of Driving Lessons you’ll need to help you to pass your Driving Test (more details below), you’ll be asked to take a 2-hour Assessment Lesson with one of our Instructors. This also gives you the chance to see if you like the driving instructor and car you’re placed with.


Step 2- Book Your Recommended Intensive course:

Choose the week(s) days and times for your lessons that suit you and where to meet your instructor (home, work or college etc.) and you’re on your way to a full licence.

‘4 Wheelz were supportive throughout my learning process. The educational help sheets are good to go over manoeuvres when not on a lesson and the fact that they pay for the 2nd test really helps with financial costs. My Instructor was also friendly and extremely patient.’

Semara Edwards


‘I had a fantastic experience with 4 Wheelz. My Instructor made driving fun and easy. Furthermore his patience allowed me to become more confident in driving. I will definitely recommend 4 Wheelz to everyone. Thanx Oliver.’

Amina Hameed


‘Always punctual, never cancelled and I passed first time. I have also recommended this instructor to friends.’

Mathew Hunt