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Learning to drive in stafford

The nearest `L` test centres to Stafford are in Unit 7 Grey Friar`s Business Park, Frank Foley Way, Stafford, Staffordshire, ST16 2RF and in Featherstone on Featherstone Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 7JD.  Learning to drive in Stafford can be quite straight forward if you have professional tuition with a 4 Wheelz Driving Instructor.

There are a number of junctions in the Stafford area which require good forward planning skills which will enable you to approach in the appropriate lane.

In the middle of Stafford there are a number of 3 lane roundabouts. There is the `Gaol Square` roundabout and the `Queensway` roundabout. Both of these have multi lanes and five exits coming off the roundabout. The lanes on the roundabout are marked in a `spiral` form with traffic lights and box junctions on the roundabout. For this reason your planning and scanning skills need to be of a good standard so that you are positioned in the appropriate lane for the exit road required. It is also important that your signals are not confusing due to the spiral lane markings. Although you may be turning right at the roundabout with a right signal initially as the spiral lanes direct you away from the roundabout it will be important to time the cancellation of the signal at this point to avoid any confusion to other road users.

There are also several roundabouts which require you to be in the right hand lane on the approach even though you are following the road ahead. Local knowledge would help however reading the road ahead for signs will enable you to position correctly.

On the Baswich Lane which is on the outskirts of Stafford you will be crossing three rivers via bridges. The bridges are `rickety` but also only one stream of traffic can go ahead at a time. Your planning skills will enable you to tackle this comfortably.

You will be coached by your 4 Wheelz Instructor to deal with similar situations so that you will feel confident to tackle all types of awkward and difficult junctions.


Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons

We have manual & automatic driving school cars in Stafford What’s The Difference?

Male and Female Driving Instructors

We have male and female driving instructors in the Staffordshire area.

Local Theory Test Centre 2nd Floor, Derwent House, 42-46 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV14XB Book Your Theory Test Online

Local Driving Test Centre Unit 7, Greyfrairs Business Park, Frank Foley Way, Stafford, Staffordshire ST16 2RF Book Your Driving Test Online

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Good cars to drive e.g.. Citroen C3. Instructors are helpful and patient. Staff in office are easy to talk to and friendly.

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Reliable company, instructor is polite, friendly and well mannered, I would recommend to anyone.

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My driving Instructor is very friendly, always on time and a good Instructor who is always happy to help me if Im unsure I would recommend him to friends / family.

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