driving test practice

How To Calm Driving Test Nerves With These 7 Driving Lesson Tips

We all suffer with nerves from time to time; however a driving test is probably one of those times when your nerves may affect you more than usual. If you’re feeling nervous about driving test, or even anxious about driving lessons, below you’ll find some helpful tips on how to stay calm and stop your driving test […]

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The Real Risks of Drink Driving

As we look back on the festive season, the extent to which alcohol and the holidays go together becomes very apparent. We decided to create an informative guide that reveals the risks of drinking and driving, complete with all of the relevant facts and figures for you to refer to all year round. We encourage […]

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Don't Drink and Drive

Battle of the sexes: who comes out on top in our survey results?

Our recent survey tested drivers’ knowledge of the rules of the road and we’ve already explored how most people navigate their dashboards, as well as taking a look into the common misconceptions of the Highway Code. In this post, we look at how the survey results compare when divided by gender in the battle of the […]

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Dashboard Warning Lights – Do You Know What They Mean?

We carried out a nationwide survey in order to find out about the level of knowledge of the UK’s road users. One section of our survey tested driver’s knowledge of dashboard warning lights and the results were very interesting – turns out these lights aren’t as self explanatory as they’re meant to be… Participants were […]

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Do drivers chart

Do drivers in the UK really know the rules of the road?

As a British citizen you are expected to know all of the laws that control the country. You will never be excused from breaking the law simply for not being aware that the law exists. The same goes for driving laws in the UK. Many of us assume we know the rules of the road […]

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4 Wheelz route mate

4Wheelz Launches Driving Test Simulator

Introducing the 4Wheelz Driving Test Simulator Online It is with great pride we can unveil our online driving test simulator. RouteMate lets you take a virtual driving test through areas of the West Midlands, which are commonly used by examiners so you can practice driving tests online before the big event. RouteMate is designed for […]

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