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UK Driving Test Pass Rates 2011 vs. 2016

Taking your driving test is a nerve wracking experience, no matter how much of a confident driver you are. But what if your postcode has an impact on your chances of passing your practical driving test? UK driving test pass rates are a hot topic of discussion, and there are plenty of stats out there […]

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angry driver from stalling a car

How To Stop Stalling A Car

Picture courtesy of Jon Collier, via Flickr Creative Commons. You’ve just passed your driving test and you’re cruising around town, feeling pretty damn proud of your achievement, when your biggest driving fear happens. Sitting idle at a junction the lights turn green, you go to pull away and … you’ve stalled. Without your driving instructor […]

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Motorways, A Roads and Carriageways-Everything You Need to Know

Picture courtesy of Sean MacEntee, via Flickr Creative Commons.   Britain began to classify their roads in the 1920s when it started to become clear that a system was needed for motorists. The system was used to help identify the best driving routes. During the 1960s, the system was reconstructed to deal with the higher […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Different Pedestrian Crossings

Picture courtesy of Shirokazan, via Flickr Creative Commons. When first learning to drive, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the rules, guidelines, and techniques that go into operating a motor vehicle. But once you educate yourself on all that you need to know about driving, including the different pedestrian crossings that you will […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Your First Driving Lesson

Picture courtesy of Andy Karmy, via Flickr Creative Commons. Your first driving lesson can bring about a wide range of emotions, including excitement, anxiousness, and nervousness. While this is completely normal and expected, there are a few things that you can do to make your first driving lesson a positive experience. Take a look at […]

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ADI part 3 Test: Instructional Ability – Official DVSA Guide

Last week we dissected the ADI part 2 so today we are going to look at part 3 of the official DVSA guide on how to become a driving instructor.  We advise that you use all 3 posts because they are really useful resources. They will also give you an idea of what you should […]

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ADI part 2: driving ability test – official DVSA guide

Last week we dissect the ADI part 1 section of the test, so now it’s time to look at the ADI part 2, the official DVSA guide to your driving ability test. Study the information provided and comment if you have any questions. It is important that you arrive at the test center with all the […]

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ADI Theory Test

Adi Theory Test Part 1 – The Official DVSA Guide

Today we dissect the official DVSA guide to taking your ADI part 1, which is the theory test. It is important to read up on as much information as possible so that you reduce the chance of failing and slowing down your progress. This information is really useful for anybody who has started there ADI […]

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5 Common Questions About Becoming A Driving Instructor

Ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss and work for yourself? Becoming a driving instructor is certainly a realistic option that is definitely worth considering. With low a startup cost, flexible work hours and the chance of earning up to £30,000 year, this could be the career path you have […]

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Driving test changes

Biggest Change Announced For UK Driving Test In 20 Years

Advanced technology has altered how we drive, and the UK driving test soon may be altered as a result. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, which oversees the test, has announced the biggest possible changes in 20 years. For learners, this could mean real differences in what they need to know in order to pass […]

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